Chai Iced Latte Recipe

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Iced Chai Latte

For a gourmet drink with a perfect
balance of chai spice flavours

Ingredients for 1L : 

  • 40g of Sticky Chai of your choice
  • 1L of your favourite milk

Preparation : 

  1. In a jug (or other container) pour 1L of milk, 40gr of Sticky Chai Original, Wild or CBD, mix well.
  2. Leave to infuse in a cool place for 24 hours.
  3. Stir again before filtering (Tips: Squeeze the infused chai through the filter to extract all its flavours).
  4. Store in a glass bottle (4 days in a cool place)
  5. Shake the bottle before serving over ice. You can even heat it up to make a hot chai latte.