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the Sticky Chai Original

Sticky Chai Honeybush – Fruity, light, relax


– Theine-free –

Experience a relaxing Sticky Chai without theine thanks to Honeybush; this sumptuous bush plant from South Africa.

Always just as full bodied and complex, our Sticky Chai Honeybush will be slightly less spices on the palate, backed up by rich notes of red citrus and flowers, the mix then balanced by our honey with its flight floral hints.

  • A unique mix of toasted spices
  • A South African herbal plant with red citrus notes and a floral twist
  • Fresh ginger & vanilla
  • All gently cooked into honey

  • Best before : 1 year, close tightly after use, to store in a cool and dry place
  • Biodegradable bag
  • Contain between 15 to 25 portions
  • Could contain traces of gluten, shellfish, mustard, celery and sesame

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