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Golden Chai Poached Pear With a Golden Paste Glaze

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La Main Noire products : Honeybush Sticky Chai, Golden Paste, Green Paste

Preparation time – 45 minutes

Quantity – For 2 persons


Poached Pear

Golden Paste Glaze

  • 110g icing sugar
  • Juice of ¼ of à lime
  • 10g egg white
  • 5g Golden paste

Tuile Biscuit



  1. Bring the water, Chai, Golden Paste and sugar to à boil and let simmer for 10 minutes, then filter and put the liquid back in the pot
  2. Peal your pear and poach the pear in the cooking liquid for 15-20 minutes

Golden Paste Glaze

  1. Add all ingredients together and whisk well until an even texture and bright yellow color

Tuile Biscuit

    1. Melt the Green Paste in the water
    2. Mix all ingredients together with the help of à hand mixer
    3. Heat à pan on à high heat, add à ladel of the mixture to the pan when hot
    4. Once the bubbles on the surface of the mixture are even, reduce the heat to minimum
    5. It is finished when the bubbles stop
    6. Remove biscuit and let dry on à piece of absorbent paper