Artéfact Collab

Artéfact needs no introduction for true Parisians in the know. This teahouse has built its reputation not only by serving exquisite teas to the public but also by supplying some of Paris’ most esteemed Michelin-starred restaurants. Sourcing teas from around the world is no easy job and the knowledge shown by Fadel (our ever-so-charming tea guy) has blown our minds.

Our work together began when Ludo first discovered Artéfact by sourcing teas for Marcello Café. We immediately knew that we wanted to extend our work with him. Fadel spent a lot of time and energy helping us finding the perfect organic black tea for our Sticky Chai.

It took us multiple tastings and a lot of head-scratching for Fadel before we could finally find an amazing organic black tea from Rwanda.

This tea come from small farms gathered at the Sorwathe cooperative, in the Byumba State, a region know for producing excellent black tea.
The country is ideal for tea growth with an annual average temperature of 24°C and high humidity (2 rainy seasons).
Composed of long and beautiful leaves, with lightly golden tips, this tea delighted us with its fresh and wooden taste combined with a light honey aftertaste.
The tea comes directly from the Sorwathe Tea Production that produces singular and organic high quality teas.

Fadel was extremely interested in the product from the start, and after tasting it, he decided that he wanted to use our Sticky Chai for his café and sell it to his customers on our behalf as well. Now serving Sticky Chai Soy Lattes and selling LA MAIN NOIRE’s Sticky Chai direct to the public… this café in the middle of Le Marais is a must for any tea lovers.