FAQs – La Main Noire

Are your lattes coffee-based?

No! Our products are “coffee alternative” beverage preparations, which means they don’t contain coffee. However, some of our preparations can be mixed with coffee, such as Dirty Chaï (chaï latte with a shot of espresso).

Are you certified organic or vegan?

Yes, all our products are organic and vegan. Only our chai candied in honey is not vegan. So we developed the Wild version, with Agave and Date syrup.

What's the difference between La Main Noire and La Fabrique à Latte?

La Main Noire: preparations based on fresh, raw ingredients and preserved in natural sugars. This is a more complex and structured range, known as specialty products.

La Fabrique à Latte: all our original recipes, from fresh to dry. A powder format that’s much easier to use, for a more consensual, gourmet result.

What formats are your CHR products packaged in?

All our CHR products are available in 1KG format, in bags or jars.

How many drinks can I make with my KG product?

For a 200ml cup – With La Main Noire products :

  • Sticky Chai : 100 to 130
  • Green Paste : 125
  • Golden Paste : 100
  • Black Paste : 83
  • Pink Paste : 100
  • Blue Paste : 100
  • Raw Cacao : 66
  • Spicy Raw Cacao : 66

For a 300ml cup – With La Fabrique à Latte products :

  • Chai Latte Barista : 200
  • Green Latte Barista : 100
  • Golden Latte Barista : 100
  • Black Latte Barista : 100
  • Pink Latte Barista : 66
  • Blue Latte Barista : 100
  • Raw Cacao Latte Barista : 66

Which machines are your products compatible with?

In a professional environment, you can prepare our products with a steam nozzle or milk frother. You can also use our products in machines dispensing hot frothed milk.

Do the products need to be kept refrigerated?

Only the 1kg Golden Paste, Pink Paste and Blue Paste should be kept refrigerated before and after opening. Sub-void retails can be stored at room temperature up to 20°C. In hot weather, we recommend keeping all products in a cool place.

The La Fabrique à Latte range can be stored in a dry, temperate place.

Which milks are compatible with your products?

All milks are compatible with our products! However, we recommend a smooth, creamy plant milk that’s not too sweet.

Can the drinks be made into iced versions?

Yes, our preparations can also be made iced, as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/xjUkjJOKsRo?si=3JHEsmjA8rhusQW2

Can we cook with your products?

Absolutely! Don’t hesitate to consult our site for recipe ideas!

How can I order La Main Noire products as a Pro?

To order our products for your establishment, send us a request to contact@lamainnoirecollective.com or create your account directly by clicking on the “Pro Account” button.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. Shipping is free for all orders over €200 in mainland France, and €300 in the EU.

Where do you deliver your products and how quickly?

We ship orders twice a week in France and throughout Europe (on Wednesdays and Fridays). Delivery times are the same day in Paris and between 48 and 72 working hours elsewhere.

(Please note: orders placed after midnight on Monday are not dispatched until Friday, and those placed after midnight on Wednesday are dispatched the following Wednesday).