Do you know the Chai? The traditional Indian drink made with black tea and seasoned with spices. A true delight, at the same time comforting and powerful. The countless health benefits of this drink; to be consumed as an infusion or with plant based or animal milk, have quickly created an irreplaceable drink around the world.

At La Main Noire, we have reinvented this drink, while remaining loyal to its roots, to propose a unique experience around our creative perspective of Chai, always with the best quality ingredients.

Our ambition: To allow you to (re)discover the benefits of plants through a sensorial journey with each taste.
Profit from the benefits of Chai wherever you are with an infusion, a latté, or even by following or sweet or savoury recipes.


Our Chai is organic and natural, with no additives, flavour enhancers or chemical products. We fabric our products artisanally in Paris, in our Lab and Coffee Shop, just next to Montmartre. A chai produced locally in Paris which will smoothly wake up your taste buds thanks to the natural sugars (floral honey or Agave Syrup from Mexico for the vegan version), in which we slowly cook our roasted spice mix, fresh ginger and vanilla.

Our Chai is organic, natural and with no additives.