La Main Noire is a story about the artisan and his most important tool, his hands.

The closeness of this relationship, the reliance on one another. We inspire ourselves with the work of all artisans; hand in hand.

This project began with a dream for a Melbourne-inspired coffee shop in Paris and became something else entirely.

Finally, here, in our laboratory, our coffee shop, and our brunch restaurant, we can share our universe with you.


We have strived to design a unique space, mixing the raw and the refined, with touches of industrial elegance.

Split between two levels, on the ground floor; you can chill with a view of the bar, gazing out the opened façade, or sit in our terrasse, observing our calm and beautiful Parisian street.

Downstairs, you can pass your time in a small industrial styled dining room that opens onto our kitchen and La Main Noire Lab.


Our menu changes twice a month, based on the seasons, available local produce, how we feel, and how we want you to feel.

During the week, we adapt to your needs – Our menu is lighter and simpler while keeping it flavoursome and fresh.

On the weekend, we go further to give you a unique experience that you won’t forget, bringing more complex techniques and varied cooking styles. Always one vegan option, always one meat option; something for everyone.

And to end the month on a high note, a 100% plant-based menu is served every last week of the month. It’s Veggie Week!


We do our utmost to use the highest amount of non-animal produce possible and believe in moderation and responsible sourcing and farming.

We will always be happy to find substitutes to fit your dietary needs.

Our choice of coffee will be limited to the most unique of European micro torrefacteurs.

We have made our reputation on our plant-based, fresh preparations for alternative drinks – Here you can see where the magic happens, taste them as they should be tasted, and leave with your own preparations for the home.

Ecotable level 2 certification

12 Rue Cavallotti 75018 Paris

Opening Hours

Wednesday – Friday : 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Our kitchen close at 2:30 pm.

The desserts & drinks are available until 4:30 pm.

Saturday – Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Our kitchen close at 3:30pm.

The desserts & drinks are available until 5 pm.


we take reservations from 6 people

To avoid waiting on weekends, we advise you to come before 11am or after 2pm.

Please contact us by email if needed.

Wifi, terrasse, vegan and gluten-free friendly