• Grab and go •

A good day start with a good Coffee or your fav alternative drink 🌞

We are here to give it to your from Thursday to Sunday till death do us part 👊🏻 ( naaaah maybe not 🤗)

Happy Friday folks 😘
• Keeping making good stuff •

That’s our driving force when we go to work.
to continue doing what we do even though the time is going by without knowing when we will open again.

We love what we do and that is why we keep having this good energy. 

And thanks to you, YOU who come to us, get your coffee fix, your lunch meal, panier solidaire or sweet treat. YOU who order on our website to enjoy our creations at home.
You give us so much more energy we couldn’t get by ourselves that it gives us the strengths to not stopping here, to not only wait that all this pandemic situation is over to dream again, to go even further.

We have many projects on going and as long as we will have this energy we will keep going forward 💪🏻

Keep you posted, and once again... thanks to you ❤️
• Be the Queen •

Pas de favoritisme avec La Main Noire ! Notre galette à nous vous permet de devenir le roi ou la reine de l’année ✌️

Une pâte feuilletée revisité avec notre Black Paste, et pour la garniture, pas de chichi, la team frangipane et compote de pomme enterre la hache de guerre et se marie ensemble pour toujours plus d’amour 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

A commander la veille pour le lendemain sur notre click & collect,
Du jeudi au dimanche chaque semaine 25€/ 6 personnes (disponible jusque fin janvier)

- La Main Noire -
• Mind the dog •
At La Main Noire Lab & Coffee Shop we are pet friendly, vegan friendly, GF friendly, people friendly, basically we are pretty friendly 🤗

And Sofie will be always there to welcome you warmly 🥰
• Le véritable Chai •

Un vrai Chai est un chai fait avec des épices entières mélangés à du thé.

Un vrai bon Chai est un chai fait main, avec des épices torréfiées, du gingembre frais, de la vanille, le tout confit dans du sucre naturel.

Exactement comme notre Sticky Chai ❤️

• 2021 here we go •

Let’s bake the cookies , warm up the coffee machine, sharpen our knifes, start the production again, pack and ship eshop orders and... wear our masks 😭

We are back at it 💪🏻
Open for Take Away & Click and Collect from TOMORROW 👊🏻
Let’s kickoff to make this new year an even better one 🔥🔥

Opening hours : 
Thu-Fri 9am to 5pm
Week-ends : 11am to 6pm
See you then ✌🏻

• Pancake Contest •

So many place in Paris have pancakes on their menu, of course, it is such a nice comfort food to offer, especially if you are a brunch place.
Even though it is a simple dish, just likes crêpes, there are good pancakes, and damn f***ing good pancakes (and really shit pancakes too actually) !

Now i’m asking you, where is your favorite pancakes ? 

• Jeu Concours •

Aujourd’hui, La Main Noire et @cafemarlette s’associent pour vous offrir un lot spécial Noël !

À gagner :
- 1 édition spéciale @marletteepicerie avec une préparation pour biscuits Gingerman et un emporte-pièce original,
- 1 pot de Golden Paste à base de curcuma confit pour la réalisation de Golden Latte et autres préparations culinaires de folie !

Pour participer :
- suivre les comptes @la.main.noire et @Cafemarlette
- tagguer un ami avec qui vous avez envie de tester ces deux produits

Tirage au sort dans une semaine ! ☘️

• Let’s run another play •

This first weekend of our Christmas market has been a success !!
We are so thankful to all of you who came by and to the creators and artists who were present and brought a bit of magic to our Christmas market !
We might keep doing it every year 🤩🕺🏼

Fortunately it is not over yet ! We’ll run another play next weekend 🙌🏻🔥
New creators are coming (@ylayoga @carressauvages @floracanons @offsetguide @annelaure_gi @calypsobleue )
More mulled wine 🍷 (the best we’ve tasted btw made with Sticky Chai Honeybush 😍)
More Food, Music and Smiles; Everything we need to properly end this complicated year we’ve all faced !

We hope to see many of you next weekend before our end of year closure 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 Xmas Market will be ON next Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 5pm 💫🌟

Pour donner un peu de baume au cœur et vous inspirer pour des cadeaux artisanaux et éthiques, on vous a concocté un marché de noël 100% dans nos valeurs !
Ce week end, 
Vous retrouverez : 
- @carressauvages 
- @floracanons 
- @charlottelasceve (samedi uniquement)
- @mmay_creations (dimanche uniquement)
- @studiosanparis (dimanche uniquement)
- @amandine_catz (samedi uniquement)
- @latelier.kimone 

Mais aussi un livre sur le café, nos paste et nos sticky chai pour offrir à vos proches !

Évidement , notre brunch est disponible  tout le week end pour vous faire plaisir de 11h à 15h. Nos boissons chaudes, et du vin chaud seront présents pour réchauffer vos mains ! 

Lieu du marché de noël : La main Noire, Lab & coffee shop , 12 rue Cavallotti 75018 Paris.

De 11h a 17h.

Vivement demain!
• A living space •

For us, a Coffee Shop is first of all, a living space, like home, where life is bumping, where everything is not completely steady or in order, as in more traditional restaurants.
Simply because it’s a place that is living a day to day life with everyone who gives it energy.

It can be messy and sometimes tidy, it can be loud and sometimes quiet, it can be chill and sometimes crazy.

But it won’t change anything to the quality and the creativity of the dishes and drinks we are serving, because that is how we see the beauty of a Coffee Shop, a beautiful and feel good melting pot 🖤

• I want my Chai fruity •

Sticky Chai Honeybush is our theine-free Fresh Chai blend with notes of red fruits and citrus 🍊🍓🍒

With its base of roasted spices, Fresh ginger and vanilla all cooked into honey to keep the Chai fresh and preserve all its balance and aromas 🙏🏻

Best in infusion this Chai will fit perfectly with your chill night around the fireplace 🥰

• Pour that coulis baby •

This carrot cake would be like any other carrot cake without that Golden coulis, this turmeric and ginger icing made with the Golden Paste just match perfectly 💛

Get Inspired, go beyond the drink and try to cook with the Golden Paste 👊🏻

• Power of plants in a jar •

Green Paste is our alternative to the classic Matcha Latte.

Because we always seek for complexity in our drink preparations and to maximize the health benefits of what we consume, we wanted to go further than a matcha Paste to integrate our product range 👊🏻

Be amazed by the power of plants 🔥
Green Paste is a super booster of health benefits
With premium Japanese Matcha, a concentrate of antioxidants 
Our high quality Moringa, the plant that contains the most nutrients in the planet 🙌🏻 🌿-> a melting pot of protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and vitamin A & C

It makes the Green Paste our most nutritious product 💪🏻
• Floating on Golden Clouds •

This sensation when you have this first sip of a creamy Golden Latte 💛

The intensity of fresh turmeric & fresh ginger, that energize and immunize your body, combined with the softness and creaminess of a vegetable milk 🙏🏻 

This is what we call #drinknatural 🍃and this is what La Main Noire is committing to bring you 
• Game of Bros •

We met in Melbourne 6 years ago, and we are bros since then.
Now our friendship led us to open our own restaurant and distribute coffee shops of the most fresh and organic drinks preparations for alternative/healthy drinks, all over France and EU.

There is no fighting for the throne but there is fighting for what is good and natural
Praise be 🖤