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the Sticky Chai Original

Sticky Chai Honeybush – Organic and Theine Free – Fruity, Light, Relax, Bio


Discover our organic Sticky Chai Honeybush, this time a theine free version of our Sticky Chai Original

Packed with calming and relaxing qualities, honeybush is known for its fruity notes. Do yourself some good before your sleep, you will be assured of a peaceful night.

This South African honeybush is coupled with freshly roasted spices of exception, Bourbon vanilla and fresh ginger. All our ingredients are organic and slowly cooked into date syrup and floral honey; this natural sugar helps to preserve the health benefits and the powerful aromas.

Our date syrup and floral honey also brings a touch of sweetness in order to find a perfect balance of flavours. The name Sticky Chai or Wet Chai is inspired from the shiny appearance and sticky texture due to the presence of natural sugars.

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Sticky Chai Cake by W’one Pâtisserie

| Sweet Recipes | No Comments
Recipe by Fatimata, W’one Pâtisserie @wone.patisserie Product La Main Noire: Sticky Chai Preparation time : 1 hour Quantity : 8 pieces Ingredients For the Cake Egg Whites (4) – 120g White…

Golden Chai Poached Pear With a Golden Paste Glaze

| Sweet Recipes | No Comments
La Main Noire products : Honeybush Sticky Chai, Golden Paste, Green Paste Preparation time - 45 minutes Quantity - For 2 persons Ingredients Poached Pear 500g water 100g cane sugar…

Pink Galette La Main Noire x A un rêve

| Sweet Recipes | No Comments
Recipe by our friends of @unrêve ! For a 6 person 22cm galette: Pink puff pastry: 160g water 6g salt 315g flour 50g soft butter 15 g beet powder A…

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    So different from other chai, surprising

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