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the Green Paste

Green Paste – Fresh Paste of Matcha & Moringa – 150g


Green Paste celebrates the virtues of plants.

Check out this bold combination of Matcha, Moringa and fresh ginger preserved in rice syrup – a shot of vitamins, proteins and antioxydants, perfect to get your fill of energy!

The flavours of Matcha and Moringa perfectly combine to guarantee a purely leafy taste, while the fresh ginger brings out a slightly acidic touch and the coconut oil and rice syrup give an incredibly creamy and smooth texture to the drink.

Matcha Origin : Japan

Moringa Origin : Cambodia

  • Best before : 1 year, best to store in room temperature and dry place, close tightly after use.
  • Packed in sterilized and vacuum sealed glass jar
  • Contain between 15 to 25 portions
  • Could contain traces of gluten, shellfish, mustard, celery and sesame.

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2 reviews for Green Paste – Fresh Paste of Matcha & Moringa – 150g

  1. Ruta

    As a lover of matcha I had to try this alternative, the flavors are stronger but good, it’s quite different from original matcha

  2. Jade

    i love it more as an infusion

  3. jordy.milstein

    Delicious and a great alternative to coffee in the afternoons! I’m not a big fan of matcha but this was subtle and really tasty.

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