Green Paste – Fresh Paste of Matcha & Moringa – 150g


Green Paste celebrates the virtues of plants.

Check out this bold combination of Matcha, Moringa and fresh ginger preserved in rice syrup – a shot of vitamins, proteins and antioxydants, perfect to get your fill of energy!

The flavours of Matcha and Moringa perfectly combine to guarantee a purely leafy taste, while the fresh ginger brings out a slightly acidic touch and the coconut oil and rice syrup give an incredibly creamy and smooth texture to the drink.

Enjoy the power of Green Paste, either infused in water or as a latte combined with your favourite milk, or even in your smoothies or in your cooking!

  • Matcha
  • Moringa
  • Fresh ginger
  • All confit in Rice syrup and Coconut oil

100% Natural – 100% good for you

Get inspired

Use this paste for either your hot or iced drinks or even as a culinary ingredient for your pastry creations !

How to use




Matcha Origin : Japan

Moringa Origin : Cambodia

  • Best before : 1 year, best to store in room temperature and dry place, close tightly after use.
  • Packed in sterilized and vacuum sealed glass jar
  • Contain between 15 to 25 portions
  • Could contain traces of gluten, shellfish, mustard, celery and sesame.

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2 reviews for Green Paste – Fresh Paste of Matcha & Moringa – 150g

  1. Ruta

    As a lover of matcha I had to try this alternative, the flavors are stronger but good, it’s quite different from original matcha

  2. Jade

    i love it more as an infusion

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