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Like you, we love the little things that make us all unique.
we take inspiration from a world that is constantly changing.
But we all have one thing in common, we all love 100% natural, healthy and fresh products.
basically all the good stuff.
It is for this reason that we create innovative products for inspired people.
where anyone can play …

They like our products


Delicious and a great alternative to coffee in the afternoons! I’m not a big fan of matcha but this was subtle and really tasty.


raw and vegan ! it makes a real difference


Perfect blend of sweet and spicy, absolutely delicious!


My godness ! This is literally the best blend for golden latte !!


I used to use another fresh chai blend, but this one is a step above ! well done

Our Creations

Made with love
Complex and Spicy

Sticky Chai

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Turmeric Power

Golden Paste

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Cacao in its Pure State

Raw Cacao Paste

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Plants Power

Green Paste

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Inner Healing

Black Paste

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Cacao With A Twist

Spiced Raw Cacao Paste

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    Why La Main Noire?

    LA MAIN NOIRE relates deeply to the concept of the Artisan; we use our hands as our most detailed and intimate tool for work.
    We are constantly striving to improve our technique and creativity, through the use of our hands, the best part of the body.
    We work in the art of coffee, the art of cuisine, and it is a pure pleasure for us to use our hands so that we can offer you the best.

    100% Organic

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