Sticky Chai aux fèves de Tonka et zeste de Citron Vert


The best Iced Drinks for the Summer !

Special Edition Summer 2018


Originally, Chai was a hot Indian drink designed to balance out the bitterness in cheaper black teas available to locals as the expensive and delicate black teas were commonly reserved for exportation.

Indians have typically mixed these poor quality teas with high quality spices in order to give the drink more aroma. It is often finished off with some warm cow’s milk in order to give balance and subtlety to the spices. Chai is still one of the most commonly consumed beverages in India… but now not only in India! Loved by tourists, Chai has become popular all around the world and is now an essential drink in all coffee shops.

Due to our respect and love for such a traditional and special drink, we have decided to take this drink one step further and bring it into the new world to reveal its true potential.

After months of experiments, failed recipes and tastings, we have discovered the true beauty of this drink… its complexity.

Each spice brings a different flavour and perfume to this drink and together they create a beautiful harmony… when balanced. After a long search for this balance, we have designed a recipe and a technique that are both extremely precise.

A quality product requires quality ingredients

Which is why we are delighted with our spices, all 100% organic, that we toast individually to release their most powerful aromas.

Our organic Rwandan tea, with its long distinctive leaves and its light notes of honey and wood is a perfect background to these powerful spices.

We add fresh ginger for its aromatic strength as well as its health benefits and finally fresh vanilla to give an elegant roundness to the overall flavour.

The final step and one that is vital to preserve the powerful flavours already released and to give a light sweetness to the Chai, is to gently cook the mixture into Organic Acacia honey. This technique not only preserves the product but also gives a lightly caramelised flavour and allows for a deep and balanced infusion.

100% Organic
100% Artisanal
Made in Paris

We Present… Sticky Chai






LA MAIN NOIRE was created to refresh aspects of the Parisian café market through innovative ideas, concepts and products.

Today, our priority is to offer more options to consumers, while improving their health, well-being and of course… taste. To achieve this goal, we have identified certain aspects of the market that can be improved, and our first project quickly became clear to us.

Whether in Melbourne, New York, Berlin or London, high quality vegetable milk has lifted the markets up and is now almost indispensable in specialty coffee shops.

Throughout our experiences in these big cities, especially Melbourne, we have seen the impact high quality vegetable milk has on coffee. Light, creamy, slightly sweet and perfectly compatible with coffee, allowing for some beautiful Latte Art.

After months of sourcing and tasting some of Europe’s most reputable vegetable milks, we are proud to say that we have identified an extremely high quality vegetable milk designed specifically for Baristas.

You will love its light hazelnut notes, its creamy texture and its compatibility with a beautiful latte or cappuccino.

Take a quick look at our Map and discover the coffee shops closest to you where you can taste a Latte made with Soy Milk for professionals.


Photo credit: Claude Weber ©


LA MAIN NOIRE relates deeply to the concept of the Artisan; we use our hands as our most detailed and intimate tool for work.
We are constantly striving to improve our technique and creativity, through the use of our hands, the best part of the body.
We work in the art of coffee, the art of cuisine, and it is a pure pleasure for us to use our hands so that we can offer you the best.


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