Spiced Raw Cacao Paste – Fresh Paste of Raw Cocoa & spices – 165g


Discover the Raw Cacao Paste in its Spicy form !

The Spiced Raw Cacao Paste is the taste of pure cocoa, spiced up with Nora pepper, mild and aromatic, Bird’s eye chilli, sharp and powerful, as well as green cardamom to add some freshness.

Inspired by the traditional drink of Central America, a favorite of The Mayans, The ‘Xocoatl’ was consumed during ceremonies to explore one’s internal self. Mixed with chilli, it helps our bodies maximize the health benefits of raw cocoa

  • Raw cocoa
  • Raw cocoa butter
  • Nora pepper & Bird’s eye chilli
  • Green cardamome and cinnamon
  • All confit in Agave syrup


100% Natural – 100% good for you

Raw Cacao Paste is entirely composed of raw ingredients. Find out more about the health benefits of Raw Cacao Paste on Raw Cacao Health Benefits

Get inspired

Use this paste for either your hot or iced drinks or even as a culinary ingredient for your pastry creations !


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Cocoa Origin :

Our cocoa and cocoa butter come from the Pangoa cooperative in the region of Satipo in Peru, variety Criollo.

  • Best before : 1 year, to store in a dark and dry place, close tightly after use.
  • Packed in sterilized and vacuum sealed glass jar
  • Contain between 10 to 15 portions
  • Could contain traces of gluten, shellfish, mustard, celery and sesame.

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