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Matcha Latte


How to make a Green Latte with

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Green Paste – Paste of Matcha & Moringa Bio – 150g


Discover our organically grown Green Paste, a unique blend of premium Matcha green tea and Moringa, a plant with a thousand virtues still far too little known in the West.

Moringa is a condensation of nutrients in its natural state, the star of superfoods. Indulge yourself with its sweet, subtle plant flavors.

Its flavor is an invitation to a gustatory journey. Our Green Paste is a concentrate of superfoods, perfect for boosting your immune system.

You can make hot or cold drinks and use it in cooking or baking. Let your imagination run wild.


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3 reviews for Green Paste – Paste of Matcha & Moringa Bio – 150g

  1. Ruta

    As a lover of matcha I had to try this alternative, the flavors are stronger but good, it’s quite different from original matcha

  2. Jade

    i love it more as an infusion

  3. jordy.milstein

    Delicious and a great alternative to coffee in the afternoons! I’m not a big fan of matcha but this was subtle and really tasty.

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