Fresh Paste of Roasted Sesame

& Activated Vegetable Charcoal

In so much of what we consume, there are high amounts impure chemicals and toxins. Many of these toxins do not belong to the natural world, the product of chemical based animal agriculture, the use of pesticides and poor-quality water. The Black Paste marries the purifying properties of activated charcoal in a creamy, nutty drink that is packed with fiber, plant proteins and natural, healthy fats.

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100% Organic
100% Vegan

Handmade in Paris

Iced Black Latte
Activated Vegan Friendly Charcoal

Activated charcoal identifies and binds itself to harmful toxins, heavy metals and poisons that are contained within our gut and in what we consume. After binding itself to these toxins, it is flushed from our body, creating a natural, painless form of detox. Our activated charcoal comes from burning coconut shells and results in an extremely fine powder. The finer the powder, the more surface area available to attach and absorb toxins.

The use of activated charcoal for medical purposed dates to Ancient Egypt, where it was commonly used for the ailment of digestive and intestinal issues. In the modern day, studies have revealed its positive affects on the slowing of physical ageing, the health of the heart and most importantly, gut health and energy production.

Black Sesame Seeds

High in natural fats (polyunsaturated fats and Omega 6), sesame seeds are well known for their assistance in high energy production. In addition, Black Sesame is a high source of plant protein, fiber and B vitamins.

Studies have shown that it can have anti-inflammatory properties as well as aid in the regulation of the immune system.

Fresh Ginger

A natural antiseptic and booster of the immune system, ginger aids in the stabilization of the Black Paste, slowing and killing the development of harmful microbes as well as aids in our bodies’ ability to attack harmful bacteria.

Date Syrup

Other than being a good source of natural energies and sugars, dates have been proven to be an extremely health fruit. Tests have revealed that dates aid in the reduction in triglyceride levels and oxidative stress (potent causes of Heart disease). Dates also aid in the strengthening of bones, through its high levels of calcium, has significant levels of iron and huge amounts of amino acids, soluble and insoluble fibers which aid in stimulating the efficiency of our digestive system.