Golden King Cake : an original, gourmet and explosive king cake !

The month of the King cakes is here! Epiphany is a celebration that delights both young and old!

We can already imagine that irresistible smell emanating from the artisanal bakeries, that crumbly flaky pastry well buttered with the most generous filling! ✨

This year, we offer you an exceptional version in collaboration with @sain_boulangerie ! A beautiful artisanal bakery working with raw, organic products. And of course, homemade. ✨

Anthony Courteille integrates one of our signature products for a new recipe: the Golden Paste! A paste of crucuma and fresh ginger candied with natural sugar. For even more deliciousness, we have added coconut and pieces of fresh pineapple! 💯 Pineapple, coconut, turmeric and fresh ginger! A guaranteed explosion of flavour in the mouth.

The galettes are available for pre-order from 4 to 8 January. Just send us a private message on @la.main.noire. An order the day before for the day following !!! 🙌 The full king cake is 38€ (6 to 8 people).

Also available by the slice at our Lab & Coffee Shop from January 4 to 8 at 12 rue Cavallotti 75018 Paris. After January 8, the galette will only be available at @sain_boulangerie at 15 Rue Marie et Louise, 75010 Paris.

Golden Paste

Discover our organic Golden Paste, a fresh 100% natural and vegan paste of fresh turmeric and fresh ginger candied in natural sugar! A revitalizing concentrate full of benefits: turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, combined with black pepper and coconut oil, the combination of our Golden Paste will allow your body to assimilate all its benefits easily.

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