Fresh Paste of

Matcha & Moringa

Discover the power of plants with the Green Paste !
La Main Noire wanted to pay hommage to the power of nature by creating a drink that is made from 100% vegetable products.
The Green Paste is an alternative to the classic Matcha; Over the last few years, Matcha has become increasingly popular in coffee shops around the globe. This classic matcha drink has a notable bitterness and light aromas that stay at the back of the palate.
In order to create a recipe that appropriately reflects its natural health benefits and one that is more flavourful with pronounced vegetable notes, we decided on a mixture of Matcha and Moringa. The former, a powdered tea and the latter a dried leaf ground into powder.
Originally from India and Africa, the Moringa is still relatively unknown. Moringa powder offers a quarter of its dry weight in proteins and thanks to its high level of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, it is considered to be a super food.
Our Moringa comes from Congo, organic and fair trade, supplied by the experts in the trade Moringa & Co; and our Matcha is a permium Matcha from Japan.
Finally, to bring a point of acidity and freshness, we mix these two super plants with fresh ginger and then confit the mixture into rice syrup and coconut oil.

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100% Organic
100% Vegan

Handmade in Paris