Sticky Chai CBD
Chai Latte CBD
Sticky Chai CBD
Sticky Chai CBD


Recette d’ un Chai Latte glacé :

infusion à froid


Sticky Chai CBD – Floral, Vegetal, Appeasing


Discover our new Sticky Chai, a recipe still 100% natural and plant-based with hemp flowers. Our Sticky Chai CBD is La Main Noire’s new soothing drink, born of collaboration with our friends at Natural Sativa, CBD hemp growers of excellence in the south of France.

Why is using hemp flower a sign of quality?

Every part of the hemp plant has its own specific use. The fibers present in the stalk and branches can be used to create rope, hemp concrete or clothing, the seeds for food and oils, and the flowers are where all the molecules we seek for their well-being benefits are concentrated. So when we create our CBD Chai recipe, we use the part richest in cannabinoids and terpenes, to offer you a truly effective product for relaxing.

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