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the Sticky Chai Original

Sticky Chai Original – Floral, rich, classic


Sticky Chai Original, our very first creation

Epicure award of delicatessen, 2019, Sliver.

Experience a chai that is powerful, full bodied and complex, thanks to our Sticky Chai Original. The power of spices balanced a mild, floral honey.

  • Our unique mix of toasted spices
  • A Rwandan black tea with notes of wood and honey
  • Fresh ginger & vanilla
  • All gently cooked into honey

  • Best before : 1 year, close tightly after use, to store in a cool and dry place
  • Biodegradable bag
  • Contain between 15 to 25 portions
  • Could contain traces of gluten, shellfish, mustard, celery and sesame

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Client reviews

(4 customer reviews)

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4 reviews for Sticky Chai Original – Floral, rich, classic

  1. paul

    I used to use another fresh chai blend, but this one is a step above ! well done

  2. Mai

    a bit too strong for me

  3. Anna

    I brew my sticky chai in cold milk, the taste is smoother i love it

  4. sarah.zemiro

    A perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavours, even better with oat milk!

  5. jordy.milstein

    Perfect blend of sweet and spicy, absolutely delicious!

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