Fresh Paste of Raw Cocoa + Spices

Spiced Raw Cacao Paste is a preparation for the realization of Spiced Hot Chocolates or better yet… “Spiced Hot Cacao”.

Made from Raw cacao, raw cacao butter and agave syrup, 2 types of chilli, green cardamom and cinnamon, this product is packed with health benefits.

Cacao is officially the first product known to man to be considered a superfood. Unfortunately, in the more modern age we have learnt that roasting cacao beans can expand the shelf life as well as develop different flavour profiles. This roasting process kills all the positive nutrients and aspects of the cacao bean.

Most Hot Chocolates made in coffee shops today are made from chocolate pieces or instant chocolate powders.

The cacao in these more common products have been roasted and therefore offer no positive health benefits at all.

Additionally, with the addition of refined unnatural sugars and milk based products, Hot chocolates are high in unnatural sugar and are not suitable for VEGANS !

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Spiced Raw Cacao Paste – Vegan Friendly, all- natural sugars and the original superfood!

Handmade in Paris

Spiced Raw Cacao Paste

With its high levels of magnesium, cacao is known to assist in the efficient creation of energy and the preservation of this energy through its use. This is a more healthy and sustainable


Cacao contains anandamide, otherwise known as the bliss molecule, and is a natural regulator of stable moods. Cacao will also boost the amounts of serotonin in your body.


The flavonoids in cacao are known to be natural skin care boosters as it increases blood flow throughout the body, causing a more even and balanced spread of energy and nutrients in the skin and muscles.


Rich in dietary fiber and magnesium, cacao is a natural cleaner and regulator of the stomach, ensuring an efficient digestion process and reduction in constipation.

Green cardamom is also known to aid in digestion as, due to its strong aromas and flavours, it stimulates metabolic enzymes, giving greater efficiency to the digestive system.

Nora’s chilli is very high in vitamin A and C, allowing for the maintenance of the digestive system and metabolism, ensuring an equal spread and use of energy

Cinnamon is known to aid in the absorption of the Insulin hormone. Reducing insulin resistance (a common problem in modern man), allows for the greater absorption of this hormone which can help regulate the metabolism and energy use


Flavanols are absorbed into the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and new learning. This process creates new pathways and aids in the development of new memory and learning.


Cacao and Cinnamon are known to decrease the creation of bad cholesterol and to increase the production in good cholesterol. This process is a natural reducer of the risk of heart disease.

Green cardamom is known to reduce blood pressure and therefore aid in the function and long term health of the heart


Contrary to some knowledge, it is important to consume fats… the good fats. Raw cacao is an extremely potent source of good fats and can help regulate the metabolism, growth and the immunity system.


Green Cardamom is known to increase blood circulation throughout the body and notable to the lungs, aiding in the treatment and prevention of respiratory issues.


Cinnamon, Nora Chilli and also Cacao are known to contain very efficient antioxidants, aiding in the long term health of cells and organs


Bird’s Eye Chilli, being one of the hottest chillis, is very high in Capsaicin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This wonderful chilli therefore aiding in a range of inflammation issues from muscular problems, to arthritis, and diabetic neuropathy.

Cinnamon is also known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent